• Effectively creates email backup on Outlook in just few clicks
  • Backup files created are highly encrypted with passwords in order to provide high security
  • Email Backup allows you to backup Microsoft Outlook emails, notes, address book, tasks, journals etc
  • Email Backup is compatible with all major versions of MS Outlook such as Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010
  • Email Backup supports backing up of emails on all versions of Windows OS including Windows 7, XP and Vista

Are you looking to backup Outlook emails in safe and secure way?

Many people store their important personal information as well business information as in Microsoft Outlook mail. Outlook stores all your essential mails and other Outlook attributes in a single file namely PST file. When this PST file gets corrupted or damaged due to any reasons, you may not access the emails stored within it. So, in order to be on safer side you have to take proper backup for your important mail and other attributes.

Email Backup app is the best and easy to use application that helps you to backup emails along with settings from various versions of Outlook easily. Email Backup can also migrate Outlook emails and settings from older versions of an Operating System to any upgraded version of Operating system like Windows Vista to Windows 7 and also from older version of Outlook to a newer version of Outlook. If you are looking for keeping an extra copy of your Outlook emails on Windows operating system, then Email Backup tool gives you the right way to take email backup on Windows.

Due to following reasons you may lose important mails from Outlook:

  • Human Errors: You may accidentally delete or format the hard disk drive resulting in a loss of files including Outlook PST file, which in turn result in loss of emails in it.
  • Abruptly terminating Outlook: Your Outlook may sometime close suddenly due to power surge or due to some other reasons. In such cases, the PST file may get corrupted making all your important emails inaccessible.
  • Virus attacks: Viruses, worms or malwares may corrupt your hard drive resulting in data loss. It mainly comes via internet or using any external media on your computer. Once the hard drive gets corrupted then it does not allow you to access any data from your hard drive including PST file data.
  • Hard drive crash: Hard disk drive may crash due to both logical and physical failure reasons, which may lead to serious loss of data.

In these case, backup is necessary in order to avoid loss of important emails and other data from your PST file. You may also need to take a backup of your entire PST file while upgrading Outlook or Operating System.

Generally, Microsoft Outlook does not have a specific inbuilt tool to take a backup of the important files. Instead, you need to backup the PST file manually by using import and export options. This process is time consuming and more error prone to data loss. Some of the Outlook attributes may not get copied while importing and exporting process of the PST file resulting in incomplete backup. Therefore, it is necessary to use trustworthy and reliable backup software to backup emails from Outlook 2007 and other Outlook versions.

General characteristics of this amazing tool are:

  • Email Backup has simple and effective graphical user interface which helps both the novice users and experts to backup Outlook mails.
  • Email Backup provides an option by which you can create and associate any number of backup profiles
  • It is built in scheduler helps to backup mail account settings on Outlook 2007 automatically as per the scheduled time and event.
  • Uses different compression techniques to compress the backup archives so that you can save the disk space
  • Email Backup also migrates Outlook data from older versions of Outlook to latest version and also from one Operating System to another.
  • It can split and save archives to match with the storage capacity of the storage media such as facility to backup attachments sent with emails in MS Outlook versions to the external hard drive.
  • Email Backup provides Restore option to restore Outlook data when your existing profile gets corrupted.
  • http://www.email-backup.org/outlook-2010.html tells you how to take backup on Window operating system.

Guidelines to create backup of your favorite Emails:

Step 1: Download and install Email Backup the amazing utility. After launching Email Backup, main window appears. Click on "Backup" option to start the backup process.

Email Backup - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Create new profile and click on next option to initiate ackup process as shown in below figure.

Email Backup Software - Create Backup Profile

Figure 2: Create Backup Profile

Step 3: In this wizard, you will see the backup summary as shown in below figure.

Backup Outlook Emails - Backup Summary

Figure 3: Backup Summary