Looking for a tool to backup Outlook 2007 Emails?

Are you using MS Outlook 2007 to access all your email accounts at one place? MS Outlook is such a beautiful utility with which you can use any of your email account at one place. You will love to use it as it provides you with many exciting features too. But when you lose your emails from it you forget everything and start blaming it. Its obvious because those emails which you lost are of great worth for you or it may mean you a lot. So one has to think about it before it happen. Because once you lose them its very difficult to get them back.

So you have to backup Outlook 2007 emails regularly to come across such situations. There is a sophisticated tool available for taking backup for your important emails. Email Backup tool is built specially for such kind of scenarios. You can take help of this tool to keep a copy of all your emails including inbox items, sent item and saved emails in a backup file. Whenever you encountered with any kind of email losses you can restore those files back with the help of this tool. You will get all your lost mails back again as before.

There are several ways where in which you may lose emails from your Microsoft Outlook 2007; they are

  • Sometime while deleting unwanted emails from inbox you might end up in deleting a wrong email which is important for you. Sometimes while accessing the Outlook if there is any power cut then system gets shut down immediately. In such situations, there are chances that some emails get deleted due to sudden termination of Outlook.
  • Due to some software issues in computer there are chances that sometimes Outlook gets crashed and you might end up losing important saved emails. Virus attack is also one of the major reasons that lead to email loss. The emails stored in PST file of Outlook, if it gets affected by viral threats, then it may show some problem while accessing the Outlook attributes.

Hence, in all such scenarios if you do not have backup emails on ms outlook 2007, then you wouldn’t be worried so much. Now take a step further and use this amazing software to take backup of your Outlook attributes quickly and securely. This tool is very user friendly to Backup Outlook 2007 emails and does not require much technical knowledge for handling the process. With the help of this tool you can also backup contacts from Outlook. The tool provides feature like password protection for the backup files so that anyone else cant access your file without permission of yours.

This tool works smoothly on almost all popular versions of Windows operating system like Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 and MS server 2003 and 2008. It is a 100% secure and virus free tool available in the market. Click here to know more about this tool and its wide range of applications. You can use http://www.email-backup.org/windows-7.html to backup Outlook 2007 emails and on any other version of Outlook.

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Follow these steps to backup Outlook 2007 emails:

Step 1: When you install the software on your computer main screen will be displayed there you select "Backup" option as shown in fig 1.

Backup Outlook 2007 Emails - Select Backup option

Fig 1: Select Backup option

Step 2: Create a new Backup profile to store your emails as shown in fig 2.

Backup Emails on Outlook 2007 - Create New Backup Profile

Fig 2: Create New Backup Profile

Step 3: Once you finish with the backup process summary of your backup are shown as in fig 3.

Backup MS Outlook 2007 Emails - Backup Summary

Fig 3: Backup Summary