How to Backup Outlook 2010 Emails?

Worried of frequent crash of Microsoft Outlook 2010? Feared of loosing important mails from Outlook 2010? Give a full stop to all your worries!! Use Email Backup software and take backup of your Outlook emails regularly. It is a professional tool developed by set of experts around the globe.

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is undoubtedly the most advanced e-mail client due to its exclusive features. However, losing emails on Outlook is one of the frequently faced situations. Therefore, backing up your important mails can only save you from this kind of data loss disaster and this tool is the most suitable tool to backup Outlook 2010 emails. Its exclusive and extraordinary features ensure you a safe backup process and also let you migrate the backed up email to a different operating system or to a new different Outlook version.

Why it is important to backup Outlook 2010 emails?

Outlook mails from the hard disk of your computer can be lost in number of ways like accidental deletion and virus attack. You can even lose them when complete hard drive failure occurs.

Some common possibilities of Outlook email loss scenarios are:

  • Bad Sectors: Bad sectors are the sectors on the hard disk drive on which data cannot be Written or read due to physical damage like scratches. The bad sectors may occur due to mechanical glitches, bad parity check or failure of write/read head. The Outlook data stored on the hard disk becomes inaccessible due to bad sectors.
  • Re-partitioning: Hard disk drive data including Outlook emails may become inaccessible due to improper / incomplete repartitioning or resizing of the hard drive. The reason may be corruption in the logical disk structure, improper software installation, operating system malfunction etc.
  • Formatting: Outlook Email from the hard drive can be also lost due to accidental formatting. When you format your hard drive or particular drive containing PST file, the whole data gets erased and you will lose emails stored in PST files also.
  • Hard drive Crash: Sometimes, the hard disk may crash due to software crash, operating system malfunction, cross linked files, corrupted file system, reformatted hard drive, improper shutdown etc. In such situation even if the OS runs properly, entire hard drive data will become inaccessible to the user. For these reasons, you should backup Outlook 2010 emails for safety.

Trustworthy features of this MS Outlook Email Backup App are:

  • With the help of Email Backup software you can create and associate unlimited number of backup profiles to take backup on Microsoft Outlook 2010.
  • It works well on various versions of Windows operating system like Windows XP, Vista, Windows server 2003 and Windows server 2008.
  • The software has a capability to backup Outlook emails in Windows 7 and other Windows versions.
  • You can even make your backup files safe by protecting them with passwords using this tool.
  • The Outlook mails and other data can be easily migrated from one version of operating system to another or from one Outlook version to another.
  • Visit here to get more information about creating backup of your favourite emails and other various stuffs from Outlook.

Steps to backup Outlook 2010 emails:

Step 1: Once you launch the tool on your computer select "Backup" from the main window as shown in fig A.

Backup Outlook 2010 Emails - Main Window

Fig A: Main Window

Step 2: After selecting backup option, you have to select or create a new backup profile as shown in fig B.

Backup MS Outlook 2010 Emails - Creeate New Backup Profile

Fig B: Create New Backup Profile

Step 3: On successful completion of backup you can see the summary of backup files as shown in fig C.

Backup Emails on Outlook 2010 - Backup Summary

Fig C: Backup Summary