How to Backup Emails on Windows 7 Easily?

Are you worried of losing your emails frequently due to Microsoft Outlook crash, virus attack or due to any other reasons? This is quite common problem with most of the Outlook users. When you lose important mails from your inbox there is no other option left for you other than regretting. So its better to be precautious in the beginning itself rather than worrying in the end. If you are wise enough then you should try to back up your emails. After that, a question may come to your mind that 'How to Backup Emails on Windows 7 ?'.

Backup Email tool is one such utility that helps to take backup for Microsoft Outlook versions on Windows 7 and also on other versions of Windows operating system. Backing up emails is very essential if are handling a business and dealing with the business clients. At such times losing a single emails might cost you very high. With the help of this tool you can save all your emails, contacts, calendar, notes and other Outlook attributes at a secured central archive.

There are several scenarios which you never expected such as unexpected power surge, virus attack, hard drive errors etc. These could cause very much loss for you in terms of emails, contacts and other attributes. Sometimes your account may get hacked by some hackers and they may steal your data or delete some vital data from your Outlook.

All your emails are stored in PST file stored in hard drive of Windows 7 computer. Due to any unfavorable scenarios like accidental deletion, formatting, partition error if this PST file gets corrupted or deleted you may not have access to all your emails. In such conditions, you have to this tool to get appropriate answer of "How to Backup Emails on Windows 7 ?"

Backup Email tool helps you to take legitimate backup of your emails on Windows 7. You can use this tool to backup emails from 2007 and all other Microsoft Outlook versions. You can also backup outlook contacts, notes calendar and other attributes easily with the help of this tool. You can schedule the time of backup using this tool. That is you can set a particular time when software to take backup of your files. This tool also gives you option to set password for the backup you create so that any unauthorized users can’t access the files.

It is a good software which protects the mails from getting lost by security gaps of your web mail provider.with the help of this utility you can compress the backup up archives under various comppression levels to save your hard disk space. Also it creates the 4 different restore point to get back to any of the state of Outlook you want to jump. tells you how to backup emails on Windows 7.

How to Backup Emails on Windows 7:

Step 1: Once you launch the aoftware on your Windows 7 computer select "Backup" from the home window as shown in fig I.

How to Backup Emails on Windows 7 - Home Window

Fig I: Home Window

Step 2: You need to select or create a new backup profile to store emails as shown in fig II.

Backup Outlook Emails on Windows 7 - Create New Backup Profile

Fig II: Create New Backup Profile

Step 3: On successful completion of backup you can see the summary of backup files as shown in fig III.

Software to Backup Mails on Windows 7 - Backup Summary

Fig III: Backup Summary